Plate Makeover – Eat in Color!

Colorful and Easy Panzanella Salad 1080x675 1

I’m greedy! Lol. I’m greedy for humor, for laughter for wanting family, friends, neighbors and strangers to sit around a table and share. So sue me. I like people. I like food. I like exploring. My name is Renée and I am totally addicted to a colorful life. I just published (at least I think they published it…lol) my first book and I feel great! What a sense of accomplishment that first book is. I thought I was having another baby, oh my goodness. Turns out, I was. My book baby (there’s so much in that phrase) is entitled “Eat in Color!” I called it that because it is vital that we incorporate color into our everyday diet (everyday, all day, today). This one thing, which seems so simple here in America, is priceless; yet many Americans do not do this and for many different reasons. If I begin to talk about that I would never get to my book! So here it goes. We are fortunate.

If you can walk, drive, run, skip or hop to a grocery store, farm, market or even a farm stand then you are among the fortunate. If you are able to start and grow your own herbs, vegetables or fruit again, you are among the fortunate. Let’s not take this for granted. Lots of things come from the earth and the more we appreciate and take care of her the more she will give to us. My book is about eating the bounty she provides. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good seared salmon (recipe in the book) or a plump steak once in a while (also in the book) but there are many, many colorful dishes in my book that I hope and pray will fill at least two-thirds of your plate each time you sit down to eat. I’ve incorporated recipes from my travels, my experiences and there’s even one or two recipes I simply “added a little of this, did a little of that” to and it turned out yummy! (Yes, I did say yummy.)

Now, I’m no doctor nor do I presume to know anyone’s medical history, but this one thing I know for sure (I hope you don’t mind Ms. O that I used the phrase you so gave new meaning to, at least for me) and that is that eating in color, eating in season and making sure that color is a priority on your plate is a major step in taking control of your health and well-being. I strongly encourage each of you to start today!

This is a NOW thing, a TODAY thing. Put some color on your plate and a smile in your heart, you’ll be so glad you did! Take care and take home some colorful foods but most importantly be well. This is my prayer for you.