“Eat in Color!” is my new cookbook filled with colorful dishes for you to whip up and enjoy.  There’s nothing quite like cooking and eating with friends and family so I’ve added a lot of meals sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.  For the cooks out there, I hope you will try these colorful dishes and change them up to fit your needs and tastebuds.  I always look at a cookbook as a blueprint, a foundation to build on and grow with and that’s what I’d like you to do with my recipes…build on them and create your special meal.

We also have aprons on sale in both black and white for when you’re cooking (from “Eat in Color!”).  They are beautifully embroidered with my logo and “Cooking with Chef Renée” on them.  Get one for yourself or get two with one to share or as a gift at your cook-with-me-party.


We are also gearing up for our brand NEW monthly events “Meet ‘n Eat!”   “Meet ‘n Eat” is a monthly networking and meet-up opportunity for young professional singles to get together and eat and have drinks and just enjoy one another.  Tentatively the events are being scheduled at Upward Hartford but check each month to see if the venue has changed.  There will be a nominal fee (to cover food cost…guess who’s cooking).  So get your “car washed and your hair done too…come looking fly in your suit…” thank you Beyonce!  This is a great chance to get a delicious meal, enjoy the scenic view (right at sunset) from the 17th floor and meet new and interesting people.  



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