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Thanks for stopping in! Yes, it is true, I am actually a trained, certified and licensed chef but I promise that the dishes I create here are ones that any person can make and if it’s not…send me a comment (you know you will anyhow). Lol.



That means that YOU mean something to me. How are you friend? And that’s me in a nutshell. I care about others and love sharing with others, that includes sharing my knowledge and expertise of food. I want you to enjoy life and enjoy living your life just as much as I do. Being in good health and knowing how to prepare tasty, colorful meals for you and your loved ones is special and I want to help you with that if you will allow me to. There’s a great big world out there full of flavor, go taste it! It’s a wonderful thing. Go forward with your bad self! Lol

Chef Renée Williams
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I host a community television show entitled “Simply Fresh Food with Chef Renée,” (now “Simply Chef Renée”) which airs in parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts. My hope on the show is to provide viewers with a fresh and easy approach when selecting, handling, preparing and cooking foods. Not only that, but to select foods that enhance your life, not take away from it. I want to bring cooking and eating with family and friends back around the dinner table.

When was the last time you invited friends over to your home for dinner, a potluck dinner (they’re the easiest way to entertain and make great conversation starters for those who might be new guests in your home). When was the last time you were invited over to a friend’s home for dinner?

Everybody loves going out to restaurants, and don’t get me wrong, I love eating out too but the most special and memorable meals, in my opinion, are those shared with others around a cozy, dinner table in a house (without a server coming over every 3 minutes…no offense to servers of the world, I appreciate you and what you do and I tip very well so says my hubby who has dubbed me “The Tip Fairy”); but oh what wonderful memories are made at a table of happy and satisfied people.


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