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Cold Pea Soup with Seared Salmon

Today's Soup:  Chilled Pea Soup with Salmon and butter crisp (The trick is in blanching the peas in a delicious broth!)

I was trying to think of something colorful and flavorful to serve at an event and ran across a few recipes that caught my eye, one of which was Tyler Florence’s “Chilled Pea Soup.”  Now I love Tyler Florence (a JWU graduate like myself, “Hello Alum!”) and his recipes and books are  colorful, flavorful, insightful […] Read more…

Lemon-Orange Chicken with Beets & Vegetables

Lemon Chicken with Barley 4

Here’s a dish I think you and your family will enjoy.  It’s my Lemon-Orange Chicken.  I don’t know about you but I love all things citrus, so adding them to my cooked dishes seems very natural to me.  Growing up in Florida with “straight from the tree” oranges, lemons, lime, mangoes and other fruits is […] Read more…

Easy Vegetables


So it’ summer and  you can’t decide exactly what you want for dinner, but you know it’s gotta be good!  It’s gotta have color, style, needs to be easy and of course taste great when prepared.  Well, here you go.  Look no further.  All you need is in the basket!  Lol. Who would ever turn […] Read more…

Avocado and Salmon Starters

These Avocado & Smoked Sockeye were a hit with the crowd!  The Creamy Chipotle Sauce was the glue.  Talk about finger food..yum.

Avocado and Salmon Starters You will love making, eating, and sharing (well, maybe not sharing…) these tasty Avocado & Smoked Salmon starters.  Not only are they packed with the Omegas and nutrients we need, but the flavor profile is simply yummy!  The creaminess of the avocado with the savory smoked salmon and crispy bacon will […] Read more…

Spaghetti and “Meet”balls 2

Spaghetti and "Meet"balls 2

Spaghetti and “Meet”balls 2 Here’s a twist on the Spaghetti and “Meet”balls recipe from a few months ago.  I just had to! You know I love color and eating in color is so darn healthy for you.  No!  Do not click that button because I said the “H” word.  Healthy doesn’t mean tasteless, it just […] Read more…

Easy Shrimp “Pho”sure

Shrimp "Pho"sure

When I tell you the crew was noisy after we finished taping this show I am not kidding!  No one was saying a word, but my oh my the tv studio was filled with the collective sounds of  spoons repeatedly scooping the savory goodness of this Pho and satisfied “mmmmm’s” and a few slurps – […] Read more…

Stuffed Mini Tomatoes

Stuffed Mini Tomatoes

I love celebrating spring!  It’s so colorful and full of flavor.  Skittles had it right…”taste the rainbow.”  Eating one of these little treats is just like tasting the rainbow.  This pot may not be gold in color but it is definitely golden in taste.  The crispy celery, the crunchy cucumbers, the refreshing cilantro and beautiful […] Read more…

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